Does my little one have a cows’ milk allergy?


Most food allergies occur during infancy, cows’ milk allergy is one of the most common. Most children thankfully grow out of this allergy by 5 years of age.

What brand to choose when it comes to your baby’s formula milk


There is such a wide variety of different brands available for formula milk on the market today. So when choosing what formula is best for your baby it can be very confusing with different brands offering different things like comfort milk and hungry baby so where do you start? 

What is colic?


Colic is the name given for excessive, frequent crying in a baby when they seem completely health otherwise.

How to sterilise your baby bottle


Before you think about sterilising bottles you need to make sure that they are clean.

Different types of infant formula


There is now a wide range of different infant formula on the market and it may be confusing to understand what formula you should be using. So I thought I would explain the main ones I have come across and when they should be used.

Introducing cow’s milk to your little one


Before you start to think about introducing cow’s milk into your little ones diet make sure that they are of 12 months of age.

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