Introducing cow’s milk to your little one

Before you start to think about introducing cow’s milk into your little ones diet make sure that they are of 12 months of age. As cow’s milk doesn’t contain enough iron and other nutrients to meet their needs. You must also make sure that you are only giving whole milk to children until they are the age of two, as they need the extra vitamins and energy it contains.

You can a start introducing full fat cow’s milk as an ingredient in your little ones food from 6 months. A great way to introduce cow’s milk is by adding it into your little ones breakfast cereals or porridge. You could then go onto changing one bottle a day to cow’s milk and see how your little one gets on with it. If you are giving your little one cow’s milk as a drink please make sure they are over 12 months of age. 

Once your child is two you can start to introduce semi skimmed milk into their diet as long as they are a good eater and has a varied diet.

As always if you are unsure of how to introduce cow’s milk into your little ones diet talk to your health visitor or GP and they will be able to advise you.