What brand to choose when it comes to your baby’s formula milk

There is such a wide variety of different brands available for formula milk on the market today. So when choosing what formula is best for your baby it can be very confusing with different brands offering different things like comfort milk and hungry baby so where do you start? When picking the brand of formula for my little girl I looked at what the local shops sold. So if I ever ran out I could get it quickly and without stress. I also made a point at looking at the shops that opened late in the evening. As being a new parent sometimes the day just passes in a blink of an eye and it's only when you sit down in the evening that your realise you forgot to get formula!

Different types of infant formula 

Ready to feed liquid formula-These are sold in cartons or bottles which are sterile and can be used on the go. I have found these handy when I have been out and about and not got enough formula powder with me.

Powdered infant formula - this is when you need to add boiled water to the powdered formula following the manufactures guidelines. 

A little about formula milk 

Infant formula milk is usually made from cow’s milk that has been treated to make it suitable for your little one. This cow’s milk contains two types of protein them being whey and casein. First infant formula is made using the Whey protein as this is easier for your little ones to digest. So when buying formula make sure you buy the formula appropriate for your child’s age. Your little one can stay on first stage formula when starting to introduce solid foods around 6 months and continue on it throughout the first year of their life.

Don’t worry if your little ones doesn’t take to the brand of formula that you buy you can always change brands as there is no evidence that changing your babies milk does any good or harm. 

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